Tartelette Tease Review



Let me start by saying that I was not intending to write a review about the new Tartelette Tease Palette but I LOVE this palette and thought it necessary to tell the world.  I originally picked it up because the size was perfect for travel (did I mention I just got back from Jamaica?!?) but it has quickly become my go to for eye shadow.  This palette contains 6 clay infused eye shadows; two shimmers and four mattes that are in the pink/brown family.  The palette was designed with highlight, crease, and lid color pairings but can easily be mixed and matched.

What I like:  It is very hard for me to hide my excitement about the Tartelette Tease palette for many reasons.  The first big reason that I am enamored is the color selection.  I tend to gravitate towards pinks and browns to begin with and I especially love the shimmer of Crush and the rich plum of BFF.  Since I have blonde hair and blue eyes, these colors are very flattering on me.  I also like that the palette contains a combination of shimmers and mattes because during the day I like my make up to look more natural.  Furthermore, I have a tendency to bring my eye shadow to high on the lid and to far out but these colors are easily blendable so I can just blend away my mistakes.  The second big reason I like this palette is the size and price.  Sometimes I get overwhelmed by larger palettes because the more color choices it has the longer it takes me to decide which ones to use but this palette is just right.  It’s also not big or bulky so it fits easily in my makeup bag or purse.  The price is also perfect, at $21 ($3.50 per color) it’s basically a steal.

What I don’t like:  Even though I love this palette, it wouldn’t be a true review without being a little critical.  With that being said, there are a few things I do not like about this palette.  The first thing is fall out.  Although this is pretty normal for any eye shadow, it still doesn’t make it pleasant.  The second thing I don’t like about this palette is that the colors are limited edition.  I like these colors soo much, I wish I could buy them individually and over and over again.

FullSizeRender (1)

Colors left to right, top to bottom: Whisper, Crush, Heartbreak, Wink, First Kiss, and BFF.


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